Let’s Go!

Day Outings & Monthly Adventure Trips

  • Activities include: Horizontal hikes, biking, kayaking, water aerobics, unique outdoor activities, dancing, snow shoeing, XC, yoga, and hammock swinging! Most adventures are multi skill level and sport.
  • Calendar: Scheduled Day Outings are held on Fri. & Sat., year round. Join us for Monday & Wednesday activities too! Monthly Adventure Trips and Long Tours are also available. Check out the on-line Event Calendar for additional info. Car-pooling is encouraged and available.
  • Cost: An activity fee for Scheduled Day Outings applies and is $5 unless otherwise stated, Adventure Trips vary. Reservations: Please call Debra @ 603-785-1411 by the Wednesday prior to scheduled Day Outings to reserve your space – Adventure Trip deadlines will be posted.

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