Boomerang Adventures Announcement

Hello Boomerang Adventures Enthusiasts!
Our membership now numbers over 150, many of whom joined nearly three years ago, for which I am truly grateful. Your valuable feedback, and positive advocacy, has helped our club grow both in the scope of our adventures, as well as our overall membership. We’re truly a wonderful group of outdoor enthusiasts who have in common our keen sense of curiosity, willingness to learn new things, and a desire to participate in fun outdoor activities with like-minded individuals! Many deep, and supportive friendships have been forged while enjoying this club.

I’m writing you today to share some exciting news about a new chapter in our growth. Effective this month, Boomerang Adventures is now part of The Granite YMCA. Comprising five YMCA branches in New Hampshire The Granite YMCA is the largest association in Northern New England and serves over 25,000 members, which includes thousands of 40+ active adults.

What are the benefits?
The benefits to being part of this impressive YMCA family are many. Y resources include transportation – large busses with the capacity to take 25 fun loving Boomers on a trip, or smaller-sized busses that can transport up to 15 people. Those of you who traveled with us to NYC or Prince Edward Island for our Long Tours, and have asked for more opportunities to travel together on shorter trips will surely appreciate the new transportation opportunities we now have at our fingertips! The Granite YMCA has an amazing number of health and wellness professionals throughout the Association. Y staff have the capacity to offer all types of services and activities from indoor or outdoor Yoga to Biking and Walking, and who may accompany us as they share their own special knowledge about outdoor wellness and New England adventure locations – adding to our outdoor bucket list! Last, but far from least, we will have access to the Y’s top notch administrative staff that will support Boomerang Adventures Club’s operational efficiency with bookkeeping, adventure registration, and marketing skill sets. The Granite YMCA is currently designing a new Association-wide website, and Boomerang Adventure Club will have a nice presence on the new site when it is unveiled in the fall. And, along with our new Y family, we’ll continue to enjoy the same, great adventures that challenge and inspire while at play.

How will membership work?
If you are already a current member of The Granite YMCA you are automatically a member of the new Y Boomerang Adventures Club (a $50 value). We will keep track of your Boomerang tenure! If you are not yet a member of the Y and choose to join The Granite YMCA at any time the YMCA joining fee will be waived (up to $75 in savings). If you do not wish to join the Y at this time, your current annual Boomerang Adventures membership will transfer to the Y Boomerang Adventures Club with the same renewal date as your current dues. The only difference is the renewal invoice will come from the Y for your next year’s annual Y Boomerang Adventures Club fee.

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be hearing more about this partnership, one I strongly feel creates a new and exciting opportunity for Boomerang members as well as Y members. You will also begin receiving additional details about The Granite YMCA, and its many benefits. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.
Let’s Go!
Y Boomerang Adventures Club Director!